Monday, 5 March 2018

How to Use Emoji Respectfully And Sailor Moon Games

Hello, konnichiwa friends 😍😍

I recently read an article in a local [Canadian] newspaper, and it was about some people using emoji in a way that got them in some legal trouble. A recent example was between two men texting, and one sent 2 knife emoji with an eggplant. It was presumed the sender was threatening to injure or remove the genitals of the recipient, and he got charged for threats and harassment.

The article is written by Toronto's Liz Braun, and you can read the full article here:

I had a very strong urge to share this with you guys, the readers, because I understand that the use of these kawaii little images has become a fundamental part of our digital communication. And sometimes, we send something meant sarcastically or ironically, and without tone of voice or facial expression to back up the meaning, it can be taken way out of context. And - that may get you charged ☹

Please note - I'm not telling you how to live! Just want you to be careful. Something else that really caught my eye in this article, is how emoji are used around the world. According to SwiftKey research, various regions favor some of these tiny cartoons over others...

  • Canadians (like me!) tend to over-use the poop emoji in communications, hahaha!
  • In Australia, they favor emoji related to booze & drugs, wow! 
  • In France (and probably throughout romantic Europe), heart emoji are commonly used. 
  • Russians (surprisingly, maybe?) use very romantic emoji quite often.
  • Middle-Eastern/Arabic cultures seem to favor the floral/plant ones in communications.
  • Malaysian people seem to like cute farm animals and lots of hand gestures.
  • 🐮🐴🐷🐶🐑

And, in other news, I found some pretty cool Sailor Moon-themed games online recently. For Christmas, my husband got me some Sailor Moon DVDs because it's one of my favorite childhood shows - after all, it was my first exposure to anime!

Self-portrait of me at age 10, in my Sailor Moon costume!

Anyhow, we play video games around here, because we're cool 😎 And while playing retro games on our Sega Genesis, I got to thinking about how fun it would be to play a Sailor-Moon themed game so I looked online and found 2. One is an adorable dress-up themed game, so I 'made' all 5 sailor senshi scouts:

Which one is your favorite? (I've always been partial to Sailor Mars. It's probably those red shoes).

And for when you're in a more aggressive mood, there is a Mortal Kombat sort of style game as well, called Sailor Moon Fights. It is complete with the theme music and even audio in Japanese! It's got a lot of show (flashing stars) and it's controlled just using keyboard buttons. 

Hope you enjoy! Have a great day, lovelies!


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