Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Happy World Puppetry Day (and Review Wednesday)

Hi everyone!

Boy has it been a long time since I've done regular Review Wednesdays... it's been getting super busy at my day job (retail) and I've also been doing some commission art/design projects when home.

Anyway, I had a plastic bag filled with some kawaii items (many of which were from Amazon) for later reviews. In that bag was also a small agenda for 2016/2017, to help me keep track of the semi-regular blog posts, and ironically I forgot about it.

Before we get further into today's review, I'd like to say Happy World Puppetry Day!

And just when you think this girl (points to self) couldn't get any more 'extra', back in 2014 (about a year out from decided to quit selling Avon) I did a video for my business YouTube channel where I indulged in a cat puppet from my hubby. I still own and love this puppet as if she were a real cat (since we're not supposed to have pets in our condo).

So now back to our Review Wednesday... yes, I was almost gonna do a video review with the black cat puppet, but since there's already a video of 'us', I decided to just stick a photo review today. And the item plays right into the whole cat theme...

It's a kawaii cat decorative tape pen! It can be used for scrapbooking, making a fancy letter for a friend, or even room decoration (for highly trained experts)!

How it looked when it came from Amazon

A closer look at the package; I can't detect the language but think it's Korean. If you recognize it please let us know.

Aww! I love the 3D black cat on this :)

To my surprise, it comes undone! It also goes back together.

There are 2 separate rolls of design tape, with different directions.

I used the pen n 2 different directions and 'made' a variety of cats.

Here is a kind of terrible close-up of the tape. It cut off  a little at the edge, so most of the cats are partial. 

Anyway, it's getting a little late and I've still got a $#!+-ton of cleaning to do and gotta make supper, too. Thank you for stopping to read with me today! 

Daryl J.

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