Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Trip to Punta Cana

Hi everyone!! 😊😊 How has been your January?

I really meant to be here sooner, like WAY sooner!

The Dominican flu bug we picked up is pretty well gone now. You see, from January 5-12, Rob's mum and her significant other took Rob & me on a very nice trip to Punta Cana, Republica Dominicana. The trip went by too quickly (don't they always?) and it rained at least half the evenings we were there. One evening I got drenched trying to run to where everyone else was standing under shelter but I digress.

Then the day before we were due to come home, it happened: Rob came down with a really bad flu bug. He was coughing & coughing, almost to the point of throwing up. I felt so badly for him, wishing there was something to do to help him. Then it hit us: the Dominican Republic has a widely known alcoholic beverage called Mama Juana, which is a mix of rum, red wine, honey, and some local herbs and tree bark. It is very strong and has medicinal properties, known by tourists as 'Dominican cough syrup'. So we bought some of that. After a couple of sips, Rob spent the afternoon having a much-needed nap. 

Later that night, while he was sleeping, I was up nauseated, taking Gravol and wondering if I'd be able to eat breakfast (or even sleep until!) the next morning. Thank God I did. Rob's mum also fell victim to the flu bug and 3/4 of us were sick as dogs for several days. On the first day back here in Red Deer, I nearly passed out doing laundry and had to sleep for 14 hours!! 

Anyhow, long story short, a few weeks later we all feel better, so now I'd love to tell you guys about the glorious trip to Punta Cana.

We were happy to see Christmas trees there, especially since this was a couple of weeks after December 25 (I get very depressed having to see the holidays be put away). 

The Bahia Principe resorts 'hire' cats as mousers to keep the resort grounds free of pests. I ADORE the fact that these pretty kitties just chill out with the humans. 

Rob's mum Teresa, and her partner Cecil, sharing a dance in the lobby during one of the BEST evening entertainments! That same night, they set up a large screen and had a group of people (me included, EEEE!!!!) dance DJ Casper's 'Cha Cha Slide'

On about the 3rd day of our trip, we went on an excursion off the resort to see how they really live there. This is a kitchen where they make world-class chocolate, coffee, Mama Juana, honey and other fine food items. To us it looks like a kitchen full of pans, but it's a functioning business. 

This excursion included all kinds of neat things over a span of 8 hours, including checking out the local cities, schools, a rum plantation, a cigar factory, and a Cathedral Church.

This also included a break for lunch on a large covered boat, followed by dancing. Rob is such a fantastic sport here. Hopefully he wants to dance this much at home ^_^

Then, the following day, Rob & I went on a couple's excursion (his mother's treat) to a spa on a catamaran, called 'Dr. Fish Ocean Spa'. It started off with us dipping our feet into this tub of cool water, filled with these fish called Garra Rufa. They have no teeth, but they are able to (and LOVE to!) nibble dry skin off of people, and are great at removing dead skin from the feet. It does not harm the fish. It does however, tickle. Like... a lot! Those are Rob's brave feet above.

We then proceeded onto the boat, which included yoga/pilates, foot detox via ionic footbath. I will spare you the gory details of the stuff floating around in the water after about 15 minutes, but I will say that for 2 days after that, Rob & I literally felt healthier than ever (just before the flu hit). 

After the detox, we were encouraged to get into swimsuits and go on a buoyant mattress which attached to the side of the boat, for 15 minutes on the ocean, riding the waves. I'm no surfer, and chickened out after the first 5. Still got a pic of my glistening Ginger-ness:

After this, we got amazing massages, including an electric bed with rollers! Better than any Shiatsu massage chair in a mall, for sure! We also got exfoliated with oatmeal and coffee grounds, which was very breakfasty. Following the couple of hours of spa life on the boat, we were dropped off at a nice, tropical beach restaurant for chicken, salad and couscous with white wine. And before getting back on the tour bus, Rob & I were bestowed with the opportunity for this incredibly RARE souvenir... a bottle of Mama Juana with our photo on it (the pirate in the middle is a real person):

Rob is a guy who truly pays attention to his 'Missus' (me). He knows everything about me, including my zodiac sign. How many men truly remember that? Anyway, he wanted a picture of me next to the name of this beach/pool bar/restaurant:

The evening shows were very fun, with our favorite being the 'City of Rock' one (which inspired my finally watching 80s classic movie, Footloose, due to the music). This show was performed by several singers, dancers, a live band, and DJ/special effects guys. It's shows like these, that are the reason for siestas...

Then, sadly, our week here was coming to an end. We enjoyed days by the pool, a couple of trips to the beach when it wasn't raining, some excursions, the beauty of nature, the nightlife, yummy cocktails, buffets and a la cartes such as the Japanese one below:

The atmosphere was lovely, and my only regret was the food I ordered. I was a step away from getting food poisoning and would prefer not to remember the grotesque details. I prefer to remember this evening for it's overall beauty. 

Overall, I must say my favorite memory is truly of when we were playing BINGO by the pool and, well, Rob would kill me if I told you guys the rest. Long story short, after some comical humiliation, it turned out he won anyway, and got a bottle of rum. 

One last thing: How can these toothbrushes be SO Kawaii?

They're holding tiny tubes of toothpaste! 

Thank you everyone for your patience in waiting to hear about our trip earlier this year. If you're planning a trip and thinking of places to go, we strongly recommend Punta Cana - just stay out of the rain so you don't catch sick! 

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