Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Aquarius Horoscope - Kawaii Style

Aquarius (January 20-February 18) – Some astrologers would say you’re every person’s friend, because you’re a natural conversationalist and know it’s not right to judge a book by it’s cover. After all, most Aquarians sport an unconventional style yourselves, so you know it’s the person inside the outfit or hairstyle that truly matters.

You don’t like to be bombarded by overly emotional people, because you’re more of a cool thinker who enjoys ideas, concepts and challenging facts. When it comes to potential romantic suitors, most water-bearers decide to marry later in life so you can spend your youth building your career, saving money and enjoying life. It’s not uncommon for you to enjoy travelling, learning new languages and trying exotic food. For a curious intellectual like you, the more varied experiences the better!

When it comes time to ‘settle down’ and get married, you prefer a partner who is more like a friend and your intellectual equal. It’s important they can keep up with you on a conversational level, because if they’re too emotional when you challenge them, it probably won’t work out. You also tend to enjoy many friends of both genders (because you like the minds, not necessarily the bodies) so your life partner needs to be cool with that.

Aquarius people tend to gravitate toward unusual careers – partly out of sheer curiosity, partly for the interesting attention from it, and partly because someone’s gotta do it. Although you enjoy travelling, you usually pack light and are good at saving the money you make. You are actually one of the least materialistic signs of the zodiac. Still, you know it’s important to save for the future because you’d rather be retired early, than old and still working.

Best sign compatibility: Thinkers such as Gemini, Libra or other Aquarius.

Celebs who share your sign: Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer Anniston, John Travolta, Alicia Keys.

Colors associated with you: Cool colors like blue, purple, and grey.

Best idea for a pet: Something more self-sufficient, like a cat.

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