Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Hello Kitty Tree Ornaments

Hello, and welcome to tonight's Review Wednesday!

Christmas is now 12 days away (almost 11 as I write this), and we've got our cute, condo-sized tree up now. I love it because, we've got quite an eclectic selection of ornaments we've acquired over the years. I have a Belle from Beauty & The Beast, some vintage 50s ornaments from Rob's dad's childhood. We have some more rustic ones, like an owl made of bits from nature, and a miniature frappucino from Starbucks. We also have a variety of woodland creatures, including bears, moose, and others. We've got knitted and paper ornaments as well as other handmade ones.

But in keeping with the spirit of Kawaii, today we'll review some of my favorite kitty-themed ornaments!

BONUS - one of our Soft Kitty ornaments!

I got these ornaments as stocking stuffers from loved ones over the years, as well as occasionally picking one out myself in a store.

Just out of curiosity, how do you decorate your tree this time of year?


Do you love coloring pages?

Then get some fun Christmas-themed ones with this coloring book from my Etsy shop ^_^

Also available for coloring fans - a printable 2018 calendar!


In other news, 

We've pretty well got all our Christmas shopping done now. I've already wrapped 20 presents (and went through about 4 rolls of paper)! Rob & I got a portrait done to commemorate our romantic 10th Christmas together (yay!) and we ordered cards of such, so I'll be doing lots of signing & sending.

It's exciting to think about all the festivities, and all the very romantic Christmas dates Rob & I have enjoyed together to bring in festive season #10 as a couple 💖

Anyhow, have a brilliant rest of your week, dear sweet friends! I'll try to be back here again before December 25th! 


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