Monday, 2 October 2017

Please Pray for Las Vegas

Today's "Are They Kawaii?" post is cancelled, for something far more serious.

Just yesterday, (literally), my husband & I were discussing the possibility of going to Las Vegas for our early new year trip with his family. We were discussing things like cost of food, and what the weather would be like. Little did we know, that just hours later, a lone gunman would open fire from a hotel room onto a concert of innocent people.

Now, 59 innocent people have lost their lives, and upward of 500 people are suffering injuries. This didn't have to happen. Rob & I were saying, since it was so easy to do this from a hotel (unnamed in this post), that all hotels, everywhere, should implement checking people's items much like at airport security. If his luggage were checked, this might not have happened. I digress.

If you are one of the injured and traumatized victims, I am so sorry. If you lost a loved one, I'm very sorry for your loss. The world is praying with you and for you.

Even if you aren't really affected directly, please reach out to those who are, and let them know they're not suffering alone. In the wake of potential WWIII, frequent terrorist attacks, and natural disasters, the world needs to pull together. Please pray for the victims.

I'd also like to acknowledge the officer who suffered in Edmonton this weekend, at the hands of a suspected terrorist, who then ploughed into a group of people with a U-Haul truck. Prayers for everyone who suffered.

Please stay safe, and know you are loved.

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