Monday, 10 July 2017

What Your Eye Color Says About You

A lot of people (myself included) once thought that the science of determining personality traits via something like eye color was sort of silly. And then I did more research on it - and realized it makes sense. It makes sense because our eye colors are determined by DNA, and our DNA strands are partly determined by the hormones in the womb (like determining our genders).

So, now we can truly believe, with scientific studies conducted by biologists and psychologists, that the color of our eyes (as well as hair, skin, height, gender, and the like) can give others a 'peek' into our personalities...

Brown Eyes: These are the most common eye color around the world, because of general human DNA. This is how we were all *supposed to look. This eye color can range from appearing black (hidden pupils) to a lighter shade. People with brown eyes tend to be honest and trust-worthy, which makes them excellent leaders. They also tend to be confident and athletic.

Amber Eyes: These are a form of hazel, but with a more yellow tinge to them. People with this color tend to be very independent and quick-thinking visionaries, which often leads them to fame and fortune. This strong nature may come from the fact that this color is associated with wolves (which may mean that humans with this color have some hormones similar to wolves).

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Hazel Eyes (like Rob's): These eyes are more common than originally thought. It's because a lot of mixed race humans and those with Middle Eastern descent have these. They are stunning and very attractive to look into. My husband is part German and part Polish, so he's lucky to have gotten this color (rare for European ancestry). People with hazel eyes tend to be elegant, as well as adaptable to any social situation. They love genuine conversations and are always up for a new adventure.

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Green Eyes (like mine): These are one of the rarest colors for eyes, which I didn't know growing up because at least 4 people in my family had these. People with green eyes are viewed as 'a breath of fresh air' since this color is associated with freshness and good health. In fact, green-eyed people are thought to be mysterious, fascinating, and alluring. Women with green eyes are thought to be the sexiest (by men surveyed) and there are a few songs about this.

Grey Eyes: This by far is *the rarest color, so it's a treat to meet someone with this eye color, and they are often very fascinating to behold. Grey-eyed people are known to be strong and independent, and despite being mysterious, tend to be excellent communicators.

Blue Eyes: The 3rd-most common color among Euro-Caucasian people. (The first are brown and hazel). Many people wish they had this color, since it's thought to be the 'friendliest' and people with blue eyes are almost always instantly trusted. People with this color are thought to be gentle (like the late Robin Williams). This is because blue-eyed people genuinely love other people and want nothing more than to make them happy.

A variation on blue eyes is when they're darker with 'purple undertones'. This is rare too. If you'd like to see violet eyes, Google famous Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor.

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So if you'd like to learn more about your own eyes and what it means, check out this YouTube video:

And as you know, this post is a little belated for the July 9 #Kawaii365 project; that is, the 2nd-last project of this year-long, daily art blog. So as I was using up the crafty supplies I purchased last year for this, I decided to make the focus on eyes.

Green eyes (like mine), Amber eyes, and 'rainbow eyes' just because!

Stay tuned for the July 10, 2017 project... it is a big reveal because it will be #365!

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