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Monster High - Are They Kawaii?

Hello, how are you?

At 29 years old, I've been a fan of Mattel's Monster High™ line of dolls and TV specials for several years (since they came out). In fact, thanks to Rob I have one of the original Draculaura dolls - with her black & pink ponytails, cute voice, Victorian (or 'Lolita') style and ironic dislike of blood - she's my favorite!

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In fact, if you've been following this blog for some time, then you've seen her make some random appearances in photo form here & there. For a vampire, she sure shows up well on camera, hahaha.

Personally *I think they're kawaii characters, but what do you think of Monster High?

If you'd like more information to weigh your decision, let's look at some characters and learn more about them ^_^

Note they all have big eyes, cute/innocent smiles and inward-turned feet, which show some shyness (which is perceived as part of kawaii style). However, their heads aren't oversized and their bodies are long and slender instead of short & squat. This call is up to you.

I did draw a 'kawaii Draculaura' last October:

Most of the female main characters (or, should I say 'mane characters'?) have a distinctive mark on their cheek, which plays along with their monstrous(ly cute) background! Draculaura's is a heart, Cleo De Nile's is a diamond (she is the daughter of The Mummy, which is why she is royalty and possesses strange magic). Frankie Stein has a stitch pattern on her cheek:

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And as for their personality traits? Well, with some exceptions (like Cleo and older sister Nefera, as well as the Were-Cats led by Torelei) these monsters have big hearts full of love to give. They're genuinely curious about others, love to have fun, respect feelings and their web series promotes friendship and tolerance.

I don't know about you, but I believe that promoting messages of peace is what Kawaii is all about!

Thank you for reading today,
xoxo Daryl J.

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