Saturday, 1 July 2017

Canada Day 2017

Today is Canada's 150th birthday, and it's being celebrated in unique ways all around the country - there's been pancake breakfasts, BBQs, stage shows with singing, bouncy castles and face-painting for families with young kids - and many people are enjoying the day outdoors. Well, except for a few that got hit with rainstorms - our city (Red Deer) being one of them. Darn near tornadoes at one point!

Due to working my retail job until 4:30 this afternoon, Rob & I got on a later start for our Canada Day celebrations. We cherish this day (July 1) because it is also the date of when we became officially engaged! *Squee*

In case you're wondering, back in 2009 when we still lived in Calgary, we went to an event at Olympic Plaza (built for the 1988 Winter Olympics). Anyway, there was a wide open space where use of sidewalk chalk was encouraged as part of the celebrations... and so I used it to write this:

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We had been already dating for nearly a year, so after many discussions about the possibility of getting married someday, this timing felt right. People were all happy and in a good mood, and there was fun everywhere and it was contagious. When I first wrote this (spontaneously), he thought I was just teasing. So then I got down on one knee (in front of everyone) and asked him formally so he knew I was serious. And he said yes!!

And so for today's #Kawaii365 project, with it being July 1 this project only seemed fitting - A Canada tee shirt with a cute face drawn on it in fabric marker:

And a better close up:

So tell us here at Kawaii365 - how are you celebrating Canada?

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