Monday, 5 June 2017

Roosters Woodfire and Smoke

This place was pretty awesome!

Rob & I went here today (June 5) for a late lunch, or as he calls it, 'lupper' (lunch + supper). Though it's been around in our city for the better part of a year, today was our first time here.

They handed out free beer sample tickets which was neat (sadly neither of us can drink for health reasons though). Then we ordered burgers and pizza from a DIY bar - which meant we could build our own burgers - way cool!

Today was Monday and I understand there's going to be Open Mic night there tonight - every other night except Sunday, they have live bands playing as well. I teased Rob he should come back this evening and sing, to which he said sure, as long as it's in Mr. Bean style, hahaha.

So while we were eating our big, juicy burgers and delicious crispy fries - I drew this rooster holding a cold, refreshing beer to his beak [for today's #Kawaii365 project]. Enjoy!

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  1. Looking back over a year later, I see I drew '5-5' for the date, when it should've read '6-5'. On a side note, this awesome business is now closed :(