Monday, 29 May 2017

Old Navy and the Outdoors

Hello, konnichiwa sweet friends!

I'm going to keep today's (May 29's) post brief because I've got the laptop outside on our balcony. That's because of one of Noah Scalin's getting "Unstuck" recommendations - if you get the book, it's the one called 'Inside Out'.

The battery here (on the laptop) will only give me a couple of hours, plus I'm terrified of the wasps. We do have a paper nest to deter them, plus 2 Citronella candles lit and Off with DEET sprayed on our balcony items.

Anyway I digress.

Today's #kawaii365 project is a little bit different. Instead of a digital drawing or a clay cutie, it's my new $5 tank top from Old Navy (formerly $19.94 and on a hella good sale). I found it in coral, my favorite fashion color along with mint green.

Then I took the fabric markers my mum gave me for Christmas and gave this shirt a gentle, romantic face expression. (the breeze has picked up. I can smell those candles now, the wind chimes sing a gentle song as the kids in the distance play basketball).

As an added bonus - to feel more 'kawaii' cute today, I found our ice cream scented bubble blower, so here is a toast to the beginning of summertime fun:

And if you're wondering what those symbols are that I wrote on the tank top, it's Japanese Kanji for 'Kawaii 365'. That's about all I know how to write so far 😄

Sayonara! xoxo

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