Monday, 22 May 2017

Feeling Hurried

Konbanwa, good evening everybody.

It is another late one this evening, and for that I am sorry. Today got away from me and I'm not happy about that. Tomorrow will be better because it's a new day.

Today's #Kawaii365 project was drawn quickly with MS Paint and is the perfect embodiment of the feeling of pressure tonight. I don't have full access to the computer currently (it's shared), I've been dealing with laundry and dishes, and of course some new job search. It's a long story.

There were 2 projects I wanted to do today and cannot (due to above circumstances), so with my days off this week, as your entertaining artist and educator, I will do my best to get those done for you asap. At least one of them was supposed to be done today but it's just been too busy. It's almost fighting-back-tears busy. I haven't forgotten your guys' loyalty with comments, sharing, and shopping. You all mean a lot! xoxox

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