Saturday, 20 May 2017

Aliens and the Last of the Rainbows

It is a late one tonight (the 11 O clock news is almost on here). Rob and I had a heck of a day, lol. For the first time since it opened here in the city, Rob & I tried out the Lockdown Red Deer live escape rooms. Specifically we chose the vibrating elevator which was, awesome!

We weren't able to get out the first time but that's okay, because we got really far this time and so the next time we go back, we'll be further (✿◠‿◠)

And speaking of Red Deer, our water tower really reminds me of an alien. I've seen it for awhile now, whenever we drive by there. I always nudge Rob and say we should get up there with a ladder and some black spray paint (jk police department, I know that's vandalism!). Anyway I finally got a good picture and turned it into a kawaii alien from planet 'Kewt' (cute).

It's okay, the above photo is edited with a paint program, we didn't vandalize the water tower.

So now the rainbow scratch art cards are done (all 8 of them), and these are the last two #kawaii365 projects with them.

PS - after I'm done drawing these, they get left around random places in Red Deer. If you happen to come across one, please comment below and let us know where! Not only do you get some internet fame, but I can give you a free kawaii coloring sheet! xoxox

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