Saturday, 27 May 2017

A Summer Evening Walk

It is 9:35pm and still light out, which is a good thing. A very good thing, actually. Rob & I recently got in from a much-needed and very pleasant evening walk.

We moved into this suburban neighbourhood in late 2015, and now, in near mid-2017, we've decided to explore our surroundings a bit more. I recently learned that we're within 20 minutes' walking distance to the Dairy Queen. We already knew of it's existence, and tonight was the first time we've walked there and back. It gave us an opportunity to get to know this neighbourhood better, to encounter kids on bikes and people walking dogs. We got to feel the sun on our skin, the breeze in our hair and smell the flowers (pleasant even through allergies).

Then we got to DQ and enjoyed some ice cream together on this warm summer evening. Afterward, we did some more wandering, stopped in briefly at the local arena to re-load a public transit pass and then sit to watch the ice rink for awhile before continuing on a fascinating and romantic journey around our neighbourhood together.

This 2+ hours with just the two of us, no technology or other distractions, was much-needed and especially after the recent medical ordeal! As I type this shortly before bed, I hear birds singing their evening song in the trees. Perhaps they are telling bedtime stories to their young...

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