Monday, 24 April 2017

Quick Blog Post

Hello sweet friends!

How is your evening so far? Hope you are great!

Okay so, this post is going to be kept fairly brief. It's a busy day because I have been catching up on laundry, trying to keep up with a library book and have other things that need doing around the house. Today was accomplished because my husband and I went to our doctor's appointment, we got some laundry folded together, I got sewing done and supper made, and even had time to paint my nails in that beautiful new polish! It was a pleasant surprise to see the lavender undertones, oh my!

Anyway, this blog (for the most part) does 'Are They Kawaii?/Retro Kawaii' posts on Mondays, and Review Wednesdays, as well as Feature Fridays - so today's (April 24's) #Kawaii365 project is my new advertisement:

And speaking of advertisements :D

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