Saturday, 1 April 2017

A Bad Tattoo of Hello Kitty

Geez, it looks like it was drawn by a really little kid! 😦

For a long time, I've really wanted a Hello Kitty tattoo - I've seen other girls with them on their shoulders, chests, upper and lower arms, and even legs, ankles and backs! So I thought, as a professional kawaii artist and blogger, it would really aide my reputation to have a nice 'Hello Kitty face' on my hand. So an amazing artist put this on me in a surprisingly short time period (I thought that much detail would take a long time). It wasn't too expensive, either.

Then I took a good look at it when it was done... what a disappointment. Who wants such a juvenile tattoo? I mean, I'm not trying to insult the 29-year-old artist (who is also a Hello Kitty fan), but it looks like she's 5. How am I going to get rid of this, or fix it?

How come other girls get to have beautiful Hello Kitty tattoos though? I'm so jealous right now!

Image result for hello kitty tattoos Image result for hello kitty tattoosImage result for hello kitty tattoos

The above are some examples of way more professional-looking ones, different parts of the body and around the same size as mine, give or take.

I guess it probably should've been placed somewhere else on my body, maybe upper arm or inner arm or something so it's easier to hide :/

Some Questions About Tattoos

So now I'd like to know from you guys, the readers, some things about tattoos that you can answer in the comments below.
  • Have you got any tattoos at all?
  • If so, where on your body?
  • How many?
  • What are they of?
  • How much did each one cost you?
  • Were you scared?
  • How much did it hurt?
  • If you don't have one yet, would you ever get one?
  • What would you like to get, and where?

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When you decide to get a tattoo for yourself, if you haven't already, make sure to get a reputable artist. Don't go to someone who illegally operates out of their basement with no accreditation (certificates showing completed health courses and a license). Many people have gotten nasty skin infections and even AIDS by doing this.

You're best to go to an operating tattoo shop in a populated area like a major downtown or a mall. Look first on their website to pick out an artist who's work you love, as well as ensuring everyone has proper and current certification.  

When you get to the tattoo shop, look around to make sure they use sanitary procedures. If you have a waiting time before your artist can tend to you, try to watch the procedure being done on others.
  • Are fresh, brand new needles taken from sealed packages?
  • Is the artist wearing fresh new gloves?
  • Are they 'dipping' the needle into a small container of freshly poured ink?
  • Are they using a new, sterile cloth for wiping?
  • Did you get a chance to see them sanitize the client's skin first?
The answer to all the above questions should be 100% yes!

Also, a reputable tattoo artist will often let you pay a deposit first and the rest upon completion (if you're satisfied). If they appear to be demanding all 100% of cost up front, that could be a real issue and it may be time to try another tattoo shop.

Another Tattoo Tip

Make sure you 100% want your tattoo, because you want it. Not because you're trying to rebel against authority, or because you want your boyfriend's name on you (or because someone told you to get one). This really has to come from you and you only. Once it's on your skin, it's on forever unless you want to try to have it laser-removed someday.

I'm not trying to nag you and I'm sorry. (◕︵◕)

A lot of people who excitedly get first time tattoos tend to jump the gun (like my Hello Kitty one above) and then decide maybe it wasn't such a great idea after all...

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So this would be a real problem for me, if my new Hello Kitty tattoo were...

Real. Yes, that's right sweethearts. Look at today's date on the blog post.

Can you guess what this is made from, then?

It's not ink! And I can give you the tutorial on how to make a realistic looking 'new tattoo'. You will need:
  1. Aloe vera gel, or something that makes your skin slightly shiny
  2. Some red or dark pink blusher and blush brush
  3. A liquid eyeliner in black
  4. Various eye shadows and an eyelid primer for brightening the color
  5. A makeup setting spray to keep it on
How to do it:
  1. Start by picking a spot on your body that will look somewhat convincing. Apply some aloe vera gel to that skin until it appears shiny. Then do a thick layer of blusher and repeat until it looks 'swollen and red'. Keep it visible around the 'outer edges' of the next step.
  2. Faintly make a picture with your eye liner, and then use some eyelid primer to give a good base for the eyeshadow to really 'pop'.
  3. Once you're satisfied with the colors, go over the shapes again with the black eyeliner.
  4. When it looks like how you want it, use a couple of spritzes of a makeup setting spray and allow it to dry before getting dressed :)

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