Thursday, 2 March 2017

She's Back

As promised earlier, I've come back to blogging for the evening. I'm not feeling so hot (I caught my uncle Doug's "man cold" recently), and being busy with lots of laundry as well as other things, I didn't really come up with a super cute Kawaii365 project for today...

However, I did finally color in the picture of the mermaid that I drew for my Under The Sea Adult Coloring Book (available on Etsy). So this will have to count for today's creativity project until I feel better, both physically and emotionally.

I really had a lot of fun with her hair, it was my favorite part to do. The whole coloring in took me about an hour & a half. It's mixed media, mostly the new colored pencils Rob got me for my birthday (he knows what his wifey likes), and some metallic colored pencils over top for added shimmer. Also used some of the 'fruity' markers I just bought myself as a birthday treat, and the sky is made from water-color (pretty fitting, eh?). I feel the final result was worth it!

Have a great weekend - I will tune in occasionally, though I cannot guarantee a 'Feature Friday' for tomorrow only because I'm getting my pupils dilated for an eye exam tomorrow after work.

Lots of love! Treat each other with kindness only :)

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