Wednesday, 8 March 2017

She Finally Came Back

It's been awhile since - specifically February 22 was the last post of - Review Wednesday here.

I don't want to bore you sweethearts with repetition - if you've been reading regularly, then you already know there's been a lot going on and we're trying to get back to normal on this end.

This evening I am happy to do a cute Review Wednesday of a DIY 'Munny' (by KidRobot), in collaboration with Crayola.

My husband Rob bought this for me from HMV, which is now closing soon. So if you haven't gotten your kawaii apparel and accessories yet, get your cute little behind over there, okay?

I'm going to do this one in photos since I woke up a little queasy today

Image result for puking unicornAnd so, because I've felt sort of sick most of the day, I didn't really bother to groom myself very well. I'm still in pyjamas and not wearing makeup today. The life of a professional blogger and artist isn't all glamour like this - I still had to deal with laundry, dishes, sweeping the floor like 20 times and changing a smelly garbage. So the housewife thing is still a thing. Anyway, it didn't take long for a cute 'blue monkey' idea to come to me while inspecting the blank Munny 'canvas':

Already cute in it's box

Such a pristine blank character

The monkey idea came from those rounded ears

And he comes with a coloring book

3 colors to use, and they work well together.

So I colored in his picture the same way as in 3D

So there's that. I always look forward to doing Review Wednesdays and I'm sorry this one wasn't a video; though, the photo series are quite fun to do as well. Here are some other examples of ones I really enjoyed doing for you:

Image result for music note dividers

And for my #Kawaii365 project for March 8, I drew and colored in an infographic about my Patreon page where only $1/month not only helps me keep this blog fresh for you, it also gets you a hand-drawn coloring sheet each month from me to say thank you!

No automatic alt text available.

And we're counting down to Saint Patrick's Day (March 17)! As someone with Irish heritage, this is an exciting time (we Irish people will find any excuse to party, but having a whole day dedicated to it? Yes please!)

So where I'm going with that, is - there's still time to order your March 17 apparel and accessories from the RedBubble shop KawaiiNMore! See the selection on this Pinterest board, and remember to love & respect each other! Thank you.

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