Sunday, 26 February 2017

What Is Kawaii - Videos

Hello, konnichiwa!

Are you having a great weekend so far? Good ^_^

So as part of the Kawa-dult (adult fan of kawaii) community, you may indulge in collecting cute plushies, dressing in Harajuku fashion, watching Shoujo Anime or reading Shoujo Manga (like Sailor Moon, my favorite!)...

Though you may still have questions about the culture you love so much! And these questions are very healthy and lead to more love of the lifestyle!

There is a very comprehensive and educational video which features several Gurus of the Kawaii Community, sponsored by Red Bull. It's very fun to watch!

Hashtag$ Season 2: Kawaii video

And of course as you know, fashion is a big part of this lifestyle - no matter your age or gender, if you're a Kawa-dult, you probably at least wear some Hello Kitty :)

So here is a super fun and cute video of Japanese girls showcasing cute fashion over the past few centuries in their country. Such a beautiful place!

So what is your favorite aspect of the Kawaii Culture? Let us know in the comments below!

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