Wednesday, 8 February 2017

She Looks So Different With Glasses

Good evening my sweet lovelies!

As you know, I recently started wearing glasses again (for the first time in forever. Well, since age 13). My sweet husband suggested that, because I've been having difficulty reading menu boards, TV screens and have to use a magnifying glass at work, lol.

I wasn't completely sure I'd need glasses, but after the test they found it - I am still far-sighted. So here's my new look (burgundy frames!)

And to really show that I'm okay with my new look (I'm nearly 29 and this is expected; there's no need to be embarrassed. I'm still the same chick I've always been), I made today's #Kawaii365 project a self-portrait of well, my new look :)

And it didn't slip my mind that today is Review Wednesday ^_^

Typically this blog would review a cute item, fashion, or food - and this evening I'd like to change it up a bit for you. After being inspired by a funny book written by comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, I'd like to share with you a review of the typical day "in the life of" me, your kawaii blogger! Each day is different so I'm going to average them together for simplicity.

8:00am - I get up naturally for the most part. I can be bad for sleeping in since I'm a night owl and stay up reading and doing crossword puzzles. Anyway, Rob is already at work by this time (during the week) so I take myself to the kitchen for a coffee.

8:15am - I like to start the day by checking my emails. Now that this blog and art project is taking off, a lot of the messages I get seem more important than ever!

9-10:30am - Once I have taken in and responded to important emails and made note of client projects, Etsy orders, etc. then housework commences. After about an hour of starting laundry, sweeping the floor, tidying the kitchen & bathroom, etc. I like to take a break. Sometimes I put in DVDs of my favorite 90s show 'Frasier'. Or an animated movie, just because.

11am - If it's a day I work at my retail job (selling cute clothes!) then this is often around the time I'm getting ready for that. I don't want to burst any bubbles, but most days I don't bother wearing makeup unless I'm going to work, or doing a video for the blog. Rob loves me just as I am. I appreciate him.

12pm (noon) - If it's a work day, then I go catch the bus to work since Rob has the car at his dayside job. If it's not a work day, then this is usually around the time I'm planning the day's #Kawaii365 project. Sometimes they just 'come to me' and other times I actually walk around and look for the inspiration. If it's a nice weather day, I may even go out for awhile.

1:30pm - This is typically when my husband comes home from his first job (the one where he celebrated 20 years on February 3). I make sure to be ready with hugs and sometimes a refreshing beverage. We chat for several minutes before he takes a nap.

1:45-3:30pm - This is Rob's nap time, if he's working his evening job (only a few per week). Because it's quiet time, I often begin working on the day's Kawaii project, or I come back to the computer to work on projects for clients, or update my Etsy shop, and stuff like that. I also quietly cook lunch which we have at 3:30pm, give or take before he heads off to his evening job.

*1:30pm - If Rob doesn't work the evening job today, then we often go out for a quick lunch date & a coffee. It's nice to relax and get away from the stresses of work (and housework!) plus it's good for a marriage to still spend time together, actually enjoying the conversations.

4:00pm - Because naps are healthy, even on the days he doesn't work the evening job, we still both nap together for an hour. It's really great for my productivity, it's romantic, and it has healing benefits for our sore, sick bodies. I meant that as a general statement about all humans.

5-7:00pm - We watch both news programs, and I make supper. Sometimes we'll do an at-home movie night and cuddle, depending on how alert we both feel. Typically I use the time that Rob's watching TV so I can use the computer for about 30 minutes to create the day's blog post and share the daily post. If it's a Feature Friday or Review Wednesday (or 'Are They Kawaii?' on Mondays), sometimes it can take longer :)

8:00pm - If it's a night that he has off (2nd job), then we tend to go to bed at this time for romance, and also so we can just chill. We may watch TV quietly in the bedroom, or read or just chat about how our days went at work. If he's at his second job, then it's not uncommon for me to throw on another DVD to have background stuff going as I practice yoga, or write a letter to my mum (who lives in another city). I like to focus on relaxing stuff. This could also be my hot bath time, where I just soak and reflect on the day, as my muscles relax.

10:30pm - Rob comes home from work and we go to bed after a few minutes of the news. We sleep and the next day starts all over again...

Hahaha, hope you don't find me boring! How does your day go? Let us know in the comments!

And with Valentine's Day only a few days away...

I wanted to share a very romantic Disney couples video by MetroGirlzStation on YouTube. Which is your favorite couple?

And please note, the sooner we get a few more respondents to take this poll on which song should be the first sung in the #KaraokeChallenge, the sooner you'll see the video!

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