Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Inspiration Comes in Many Forms

Hello, konbanwa (good evening).

I wanted to quickly post for you guys before bed - some days, even after awesome months of inspiration from the Noah Scaling book 'Unstuck', I have a little trouble getting motivated. It's part of life, and I do have an upcoming appointment to discuss mental wellness. Being mentally healthy is a fundamental part of our overall well- being and there's no shame in seeking professional help 😳 don't let people tell you otherwise.

So I admit, sometimes I try too hard to be creative, which has the opposite effect. And today luckily, I happened to notice we have a cute Hello Kitty in a onesie, and a clay moustache I had made back in November. So, rather than 'make' something new, why not just put these 2 cute elements together?

Have a great night everyone! Xoxo

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