Friday, 20 January 2017

Feature Friday for Sweetorials YouTube Channel

Just when you thought life couldn't get any cuter - and then you see the overwhelmingly adorable craft tutorial videos of Sweetorials on YouTube.

Here, you will learn to make such things as (proper) DIY Candy Kits, clay charms, squishies, and even your own plush toys!

 I mean, it's so exciting and cute - where do I even start?

In case you are wondering, the Sweetorials channel - and all applicable social media - is run by a young lady named Ashley Ann (we have the same middle name!) It used to be a collaboration of various YouTube crafters but as of now (early 2017 when this was written), the channel is strictly run by Ashley. So sit back, watch, and squeeee!!!!

Such a fun and creative idea, to make a Pusheen night light (or course, a Pusheen anything is awesome!)

Find her channel on YouTube and enjoy hours of cute fun - follow her social media as well!

And speaking of YouTube Videos...

You have likely already heard about the #KaraokeChallenge this blog will be hosting in early February - a list of prospective karaoke songs has been chosen (featuring everything from Britney Spears to Disney to retro stuff). We've even gotten our first poll response with a suggestion for the song 'Part of Your World' from The Little Mermaid (I will wear a mermaid costume if this is the most popular one from the list).

So how it works is, by clicking the above link to the Poll (powered by SurveyMonkey) and choosing your favorite song from the list, you are helping the public select a song for me to sing for you on February 1st! Then, it will be my turn to choose a song for you (commenters) and then tag your karaoke video with #KaraokeChallenge and #Kawaii365. I'll find you and share your video on this blog and on facebook (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

And Today's Kawaii365 Project Is...

A little video of the cute, fluffy, sky-blue cotton candy (like sweet little clouds of 'yummy') that Rob bought for me on our movie date this afternoon at Carnival Cinemas, Red Deer. At first, I was going to try and make the daily cutie out of the cotton candy itself, but that would have made such a sticky mess! So instead, I used the marker I always carry with me (for art) to doodle a face on the little picture of cotton candy on the package. Next best thing, right?

*Due to inability to download my own videos from my Instagram account, you'll need to see the cotton candy video on my Instagram here: Sorry for any inconvenience.

Thank you for reading and have an awesome evening!

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