Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Another Cute Coffee Date

Konnichiwa friends!

How are you this evening? I am caffeinated again, though not as bad as yesterday/last night (had a bad nightmare that made me resolve to only have my daily coffee before 4pm).

And on the subject of, Rob & I went on a date at downtown's City Roast Coffee (just along the Ross Street Patio). I ran into one of my co-workers today and learned she has 2 jobs, yikes! Well, this economy is pretty tough on everyone right now, eh?

Anyway, while Rob & I were sitting and flirting at our table with our drinks, I realized my poor coffee cup was very plain. I am an eccentric artist so I always carry a black Sharpie marker in my purse, just in case something needs a quick doodle and my cup did...

Are you wondering why this looks like it's sitting in the fridge? It's because I often take my coffee home and put the other half in the fridge for later or even the next morning. It helps save money.

Thank you for reading - I see this blog is not too far away from having 10,000 views so that's awesome for just over half a year of writing and creating for you. xoxox

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