Thursday, 1 December 2016

It's The First Day of December!

We have some beautiful, fluffy snow and I'm excited!

Image result for olafHowever, please drive very safe in the current road conditions of slickness and poor visibility. On our way home from the doctor's today, Rob & I saw a vehicle right in front of us almost end up doing a 360.

So an update on today - I finally got to go see a doctor, and he was very nice and easy to talk with. He's the same doctor who used to treat my husband when he was a little boy and it's nice he's still practicing :)

After an examination and questions, it was concluded I am having a possible allergic reaction to our Christmas Cactus after it blossomed, so I put it outside on our balcony table (those flourish in super cold weather!)

I've been advised to take an antihistamine like I would for allergies to stop the 'post nasal' coughing & gagging that kept me awake most nights. And I've been given a tasty cherry syrup that contains codeine, so I will be very tired and groggy for awhile. This may cause me to write strange blogposts for awhile, lol.

Though still coughing, I am already feeling significantly better and today (being December 1st and all), I decided today's #Kawaii365 project will be this cute & funny tee decal I made for Etsy:

Thank you for keeping up to date with me, I appreciate your friendship and wish you a safe, warm, beautifully-decorated and loving December!

Please tune in again for our #FeatureFriday girl!

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