Sunday, 4 December 2016

DIY Tree Ornaments

Hello everybody, I know I gave you very strong hints in the last post, as to what this project was going to be. So you were 100% right when you guessed.

Here are the remaining ornaments (I made 5 in total, one is going to be in the Giveaway for you, along with many other Kawaii things for the holidays, and one went to the amazing staff at Smitty's this morning!)

So here is December 4's #Kawaii365 project, an ornament and card, left after mine & Rob's breakfast date at Smitty's (Gasoline Alley, Red Deer, Alberta).

How To Make These Ornaments:

  1. Gather your supplies: Foam balls, quick-dry paint, detailed painting brushes. scissors, tacky glue, pipe cleaner, black marker (fine tip), polymer clay (pink, silver, etc.), white paint w/ tiny brush, a clothes hanger, newspapers (to cover surface) and paper towels (for spills).
  2. Start by making small, 1/2 inch-deep holes in the top of the foam ball with your scissors.
  3. Cut the pipe cleaners into 2-inch pieces. Put tacky glue in the hole (ball) and stick the pipe cleaner inside until it won't go anymore.
  4. Carefully bend the pipe cleaner into a hook shape and allow to dry before hanging.
  5. Once dry, create a work space with all your supplies on newspaper so as not to make a mess. Then hang your clothes hanger from a nearby fixture and hang your ornaments on it.
  6. One at a time, paint festive holiday styles on each one, and allow to dry. I recommend quick-dry paint or even nail polish for this step.
  7. When dry, apply your details made from thin polymer clay designs with glue - for sure you will want small pink ovals for the 'kawaii cheeks'. Keep them on hanger until dry.
  8. When your tacky glue is dry, use a black marker to apply the facial details.
  9. Though this is optional - I used some white nail polish on the eyes for a shine to add cuteness.
  10. Enjoy!

Thank you for reading, stay tuned my sweet lovelies! xoxox

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