Friday, 2 December 2016

After A Trip To McDonald's

I got a 'My Melody' figurine along with a happy meal.

Yes, a 28 year old woman totally went to McDonald's and totally enjoyed a yummy chicken nugget happy meal - in public! And it wasn't my first time, either as you can see from this previous post.

And I thoroughly enjoyed the chocolate milk, reasonable amount of fries, strawberry yogurt, and yummy nuggets! And I thoroughly enjoyed opening this cute Sanrio toy ^_^

As promised in the above video, I carefully opened and documented this adorable, musically-inclined bunny friend of Hello Kitty.

Comes with stickers

My sticker placement makes little sense


My Melody is a licensed character in the Sanrio line of cuties. Unlike her best friend Hello Kitty, she has a mouth. This helps her to sing, because she is musically inclined. In Japanese her name is Onegai mai merodi (おねがいマイメロディ) which literally translates to 'Please My Melody'.

She can play many instruments, including guitar, piano, trumpet, violin, and flute. She also loves to dance as well as singing. Since she had a popularity boom, she has been featured in various TV shows, merchandise/clothing, and video games via Nintendo - often wearing pink, red, or other colored hoods.

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And as promised earlier today, I did a #Kawaii365 cutie for December 2 - I bet you can guess who it is? Yes! Another My Melody theme. I couldn't resist doodling this sweet bunny on the back of a business card while at McD's with Rob.

Thank you sweeties, as always, for being loyal readers. You're the reason I keep coming back

And please stay tuned for an upcoming Giveaway this December, on this blog! You could be the lucky recipient! xoxo

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