Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Review Wednesday: Hello Kitty Perfume by Koto

Good evening sweethearts ^3^

It's that time again!

Yes, it's time again for #ReviewWednesday and it's November 23. And I adore this Hello Kitty eau du toilette (60 ml/2.0 oz) from Koto Parfum and Sanrio. I made a short video for you to enjoy.

The notes are mostly a breezy floral, with a hint of exotic oriental as the top note.

And because this is a special diamond edition fragrance, there are some upgrades on the box, so I took some photos for you to see it better.

So here are some tips for wearing fragrance:
  • For daytime - spray some in the air and walk through the 'cloud' so it clings lightly to your clothing and hair.
  • Or, spray some on your brush and run it through your hair in the morning.
  • For evening - spray some at the nape of your neck *under hair
  • Or, spray some in your cleavage and backs of knees, because the pulse points intensify the scent. Try not to put it on your clothes since some fragrance can stain.
  • Don't rub your wrists together because it can crush the notes. Just lightly put some on each wrist if you like, or even your inner elbows if preferred.
  • Oops - did you over-apply it? Just rub an unscented lotion on overtop of it.

And for today's #Kawaii365 face:

Because my #ReviewWednesday videos have a  chibi character with her thumb up, she decided (okay, I decided) that she was going to be November 23's kawaii cutie. And yes, with a moustache. Movember is almost over - have you donated yet? Please consider ways you may be able to help, including wearing a stick-on 'stache and using your Instagram to get your friends to donate.

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