Saturday, 19 November 2016

Can You Count the Moustaches?

Good evening, konbanwa!

Today has proven to be a little busy (that's okay). I worked a morning shift, went for lunch with Rob's family, then shopping (including Christmas toys for underprivileged kids). Afterward, we went to check out a holiday light festival downtown and then I cooked supper for us and organized some items for upcoming Review Wednesdays.

I thought about some possible #Kawaii365 art ideas I could do today, but it seemed each one might take awhile. Nothing wrong with that at all, I will just wait until a day with more free time in it.

So for you, lovely reader (✿◠‿◠), I picked one of the fan favorites - summer ice cream party (made from clay). And I gave some of them moustaches [for #Movember] - can you find how many?

Comment below, how many 'staches you find above, and I will give you a free printable copy of the Kawaii Ice Cream coloring sheet!

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