Monday, 24 October 2016

True Love

Konbanwa こんばんわ friends!

So you know how sometimes it's easy to get into a feeling of a ho-hum routine? Go to bed, sleep, wake up, have breakfast, get ready for work, etc. and days go by one after another, and sometimes we just kind of 'go through the motions' of the day...

Well, Rob solved that issue for me. I have been feeling kind of blue lately, because my hours have been cut back at my retail job, so - because it's Alberta and we're having some chilly days now - I've mostly been staying in and doing housework, and creating for my Etsy shop. I was starting to feel like a 'Bridget Jones' type character (yes, I talk to myself).

Then today when I was on my way out the door to one of my shifts, Rob burst into our suite, panting because he had run to the bus stop to check for me, before he decided to come home. He got off work early and wanted to give me a ride (romantic!) so he dropped me off at work, and then after my shift I went to the stop to catch the bus home. Only I had spent an extra 15 minutes to shop for new jeans (I ripped a pair by accident). And when I finally got to the stop, I saw none other than my amazing, adoring husband Rob sitting there shivering, because he had been waiting for me on the bench the whole time. Damn, I could have cried (≧∇≦)

So today I learned not to take the special moments for granted. I sometimes forget how loved I am, and it's beautiful to be reminded. So in honor of the best husband ever, I re-created one of my favorite Frasier scenes (from the episode Moon Dance), only instead of Daphne & Niles, it stars Rob and me (≧∇≦) 

And you may have noticed, it's also today's #Kawaii365 picture. Made with love.

Have a nice night my lovelies xoxo

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