Friday, 7 October 2016

The World Needs Love...

Hello friends, konnichiwa!

So lately (the last few days) I have noticed an increase in strangers' anger directed toward me, both in person and online. There are reasons, I guess...?

In person: I work in a retail store, and sometimes the signage gets confusing, as well as other reasons a customer may get upset. It's been happening more & more frequently. I feel bad for the customers because I can see their perspective - I'm a shopper too. However, when they direct the emotional response to me, like they see me as personally responsible for their misery, it is upsetting and hurtful.

Online: I recently posted a simple facebook status about a misunderstanding where I mistook a very masculine female customer for a man. I did apologize profusely to her at the time, but when I posted about it later online with a sarcastic comment, I got cyber-attacked by various 'feminists' who claim I have no right to feel the way I do. So though I don't really let 'trolls' bother me, being called out and shared across social media like I'm some sort of monster for having an opinion, has been a bummer. In fact, I have temporarily put off my Kigurumi Challenge for a few more days until they cool off, so they don't attack that too :/

So with the above being said, I see that people in the world are becoming more & more angry, more easily brought to rage over simple things. Humans seem to have no qualms about viciously attacking and threatening people they don't know, just over things like political statements. I know the world wasn't always like this... the 1950s and 60s had the possibility of improving humanity, but then the technology craze began and now everyone hides behind a screen to rant and attack. I wish our technological power could only be used for good. So today I created a digital illustration of the world we all share. Let's try to fill it with love again.

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