Sunday, 9 October 2016

The Wild Things...

Hello, konbanwa (good evening).

So, recently I was drawing one of my coloring books for Etsy and decided I wanted some background noise from the TV, so I flipped channels and came across a movie called 'Where The Wild Things Are' (2009, Playtone; directed by Spike Jonze). It is adapted from the popular 1963 children's book.

So in this movie, there is a boy of 9 years, named Max. He has a troubled home life and takes off by himself on a boat to an unusual island inhabited by 7 giant animal-like monsters (are they Kaiju? 怪獣). 6 of them turn out to be relatively friendly to the boy, but there is one who is very moody and keeps having tantrums, and threatening to eat Max.

Upon arriving to the island, the boy sees that they aren't getting along well or happy, so he tells them he is a king, and he has magic powers to restore their peace...

Now, what gets me about this [moderately disturbing] movie, is that Max, the human boy, was wearing a wolf 1-piece pyjama, and after awhile it dawned on me...

He was wearing a Kigurumi!

Image result for wild things 2009 max

This appealed to me because this month (October 2016) is the main month of the #kawaii365 blog's #KigurumiChallenge which means I'd like you to put on your best animal or plushie 1-piece pyjama, and wear it in a semi-public place and snap a photo, using the hashtag above. Everyone who participates will gain some internet fame, as well as a free coloring sheet from me ^_^

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