Friday, 21 October 2016

Kawaii Nail Art Post

Konbanwa こんばんわ

This afternoon, while we went out shopping for last-minute Halloween stuff, we happened to go to Dollar Tree and I accidentally found these super cute fruit nail art appliques.

So for today's #Kawaii365 project, I decided to re-paint my nails a light, frosty color as a background for these tiny, colorful appliques.
  • I painted each nail one at a time, rather than all at once.
  • While they were still wet, I would stick the 'fruit' to the polish and then quickly go over it with Sally Hansen's 'Hard As Nails' top coat.
  • To be safe, I went over it again a few minutes later with more top coat, to make sure they really stick, since they are 3D.

Oh and, BTW, I just wanted to quickly let you know that now there's 2 more Kawaii Tshirt designs available on Etsy now.

Banana Tee Here

Kawaii Girl Tee Here

Thank you and have a great night!
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