Monday, 3 October 2016

Kawaii Horoscopes (Astrology, Zodiac, Sun Signs)

Whatever you like to call it, everybody has a sun sign because everybody has a birth date! Though we may not always live up to what the 'stars' say about our personalities, it is still undeniably fun to read!

You are a dynamic individual who knows what you want. For the month of October, seek new financial opportunities such as asking for a raise, or taking a part-time job. After all, holiday shopping is just around the corner ;)

Taurus, your brain is like a living computer. There is probably no equation you cannot quickly solve. Take advantage of that talent this month when someone comes to you with a question or seeking advice. You will impress them.

You are quick-witted and often making others laugh. However, this month with all the Thanksgiving and Halloween prep, you may be off your game a little bit, due to stress. Slow down and relax Gemini. Try writing to-do lists to release some pressure.

Sometimes you feel emotional more easily than your friends. But rest assured, your best friends are the ones who 'get' you and will always be there. Include them in your October plans, like throwing a Thanksgiving dinner party. Just be careful with the horror movies around Halloween - you know how they affect you!

Always fabulous, always on trend! With Autumn weather here now, you probably already have the latest fall wardrobe started. Just make sure to be frugal with the economy and all. There is no shame in buying that cute poncho and boots from a thrift store.

Sometimes you are practical to a fault, and you're friends don't always 'get' you. That's okay though, because they can be equally bewildering to try & understand. Other people don't always live up to your expectations, and that can be frustrating. Since you are a great writer, try keeping a journal of what's stressing you out, so you feel better.

Wow Libra, you sure are blessed this time of year! It's so beautiful with all the golden & amber trees, the smell of fresh pumpkin everywhere you go, cozy sweaters, hot chocolate, and your birthday season! Just be sure to wallow in all the love with your friends & family, so they feel more included.

Many professional astrologers tend to give your sign a bad rap for not being very open or communicative, but this month, nothing could be further from the truth! The excitement of preparing for a delicious Thanksgiving meal, enjoying spooky Halloween fun, and going into your soon-to-be birthday has you bursting with a need to share!

Though you mostly love to travel, this month you'll probably feel like more of a homebody than usual. There's nothing wrong with relaxing at home with a blanket, a hot drink, a good movie and maybe somebody special to you. After all, 'tis the season ^_^

Quite the opposite of your friendly star sign above, you are usually a quiet homebody who has a deep appreciation for creature comforts. However, something about October has you excited to be outdoors, and whether it's meeting a friend at Starbucks or playing outside with your kids, you crave being on the go right now.

Aquarius, you never fail to make fast friends everywhere you go, simply because you are a natural conversationalist, as well as a trustworthy person. However, this month will be full of plans (you'll probably get at least a few Halloween party invites...) so try to take it easy and not let yourself get overwhelmed. You may need to even pick & choose.

Hello gentle water sign. This month is a great one for you, for many reasons. You get to cuddle up all nice & warm under sweaters & blankets (maybe with a sweetheart?) and enjoy all the beautiful colors of the season, as well as time with family. Just be sure to save your money as much as you can for the soon-to-be Christmas shopping. I'm a Pisces too and I know how much we love to shop for those we love ^_^

Thank you for taking the time to read your horoscope here! I had a lot of fun writing these, as well as drawing each sign's 'character'. If you would like to wear your sign as a Tshirt, or have a printable wall art of it, check these out on Etsy:

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Thank you! ありがとうございます。

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