Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Kawaii Debate - Kirby vs. Jigglypuff

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So my friends, here is a debate that was a long time coming on this blog.

Firstly, can you tell them apart and know which one is which? That is okay if you don't, since it's mostly super nerds like me who do.

Jigglypuff is the first one featured in the picture above. I am so tempted to refer to this character as 'she', since it is pink and pretty, with a swirl of hair in a feminine style. However, according to it's bio, this Pokémon character is 75% female and 25% male.

*sigh* I remember all the way back to when I was about 11 years old (in 1999), and how I so loved the adorable "Jigglypuff song" (see it here) which had the power to literally hypnotize people and other Pokémon into a sleep state. See more of her/his stats here: http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/jigglypuff

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Kirby is a video game character from Nintendo (makers of Super Mario et al), dating back to about 1992 (so a little older than Jigglypuff, but only by a few short years. Japan was busy in the 90s!) A fun fact is that when he was in early development, he was almost called Popopo. I wonder if he would have still been just as popular with that name? Probably!

Still a popular video game icon and pop culture cutie all the way forward into 2016, you should be able to easily find games, movies, and merchandise with his likeness. Jigglypuff may be able to put others to sleep with a cute song, but Kirby can actually expand and inhale enemies!

Also, if you are planning to visit Tokyo, Japan at some point soon, check out this Kirby café - http://www.geek.com/news/kirby-cafe-opens-in-tokyo-and-is-intensely-kawaii-as-expected-1668464/

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So what do you  think? Are they both considered 'kawaii'? Let us know in the comments!

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And here are the answers to yesterday's 'Can You Spot The Differences?' picture:

1) Hair is lightened.
2) Shoes turned pink.
3) Rosy cheeks disappeared.
4) A star is missing.
5) Letter 'i' is missing the dot.

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