Thursday, 20 October 2016

Japanese DIY Candy Kits from Blippo - Review Wednesday for October 19

Hello friends, it's that time again. I love reviewing unique, colorful, sweet and fun items within the kawaii lifestyle and culture.

So that's why for today's, I got to make 3 DIY candy kits that I got from See how they go in this video, lol.

Which kit was your favorite concept? Would you ever be willing to order a DIY candy kit for yourself, and share a video with the rest of us? Join the Kawaii365 facebook group and let's see those cute/funny videos!

Image result for cute dividers

And before I go for today, I want to share today's #Kawaii365 picture with you as well. Because I spent literally hours making, filming and editing for a 7 minute video - I didn't have much time to make a separate kawaii cutie. So the one saveable candy kid face was so cute, I thought "yeah, that will be the one."

Thank you for your loyalty, patience, and support! I appreciate all of you xoxo

If you want to get a cute coffee or cocoa mug with the slightly popular 'kawaii banana' on it, snag him at my deviantArt shop here

Have a kawaii day! xoxo

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