Friday, 28 October 2016

Feature Friday #13 (spooky)

Yes, it's that time already! It's Friday again (yay weekend!) and maybe it's just coincidence with Halloween so close, but we're on Feature Friday #13!

And today we are meeting super cute YouTube crafter Mio Mango, with a channel called Flying Mio which features everything cute you could possibly do or make!

In her own words: "My channel focuses on creating things that make me squeal with joy." Well Mio, your work makes others squeal with joy as well ^_^

Let's look at one of her best videos!

It's no wonder her slogan is 'Create a Smile in Your Life'

And in an upcoming blog post, for your entertainment, I will try my hand at a DIY plushie - here's to hoping it turns out as well as Mio's above!

To say what you'd like to see here, please take a minute to do the survey on the right side of the screen ^_^

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