Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Review Wednesday for September 14 - Shopkins Candy!

Konnichiwa sweet friends! (✿◠‿◠)

 Today I got to review a super cute candy I found at HMV for only 2.99/package (in Canadian dollars).

Image result for shopkins poppin crunch

So I was kind of scared since although pleasantly tingling in the mouth, this kind of candy can have side effects like gas and nausea. So I tasted it very carefully. They were both good, though I preferred the strawberry a little more.

So there is the review for today! How do you feel about Shopkins? Comment below this blogpost to join the discussion/debate!

PS - to have your product reviewed, please email me at to discuss it. Please note that 'kawaii' means: cute, child-like, pastel colors, soft edges, animals such as bears, cats, unicorns, puppies, llamas, etc. Asian-themed, popular in Japan, rainbows, simple faces or images. Thank you! xoxo

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