Monday, 12 September 2016

I Couldn't Stand The Curiosity Any Longer

I will start by saying there aren't enough apps, either for phone or PC, that allow us to change our race. I guess it is considered offensive. I found a close one with Face of The Future(TM) but it wouldn't let me progress. That's okay, because then I used my own talent as a digital artist along with Microsoft Paint, and slightly altered my features.

  • I gave my skin a warmer olive tone
  • Made my eyes wider and brown
  • Made my nose smaller
  • Made my mouth smaller
  • Darkened my hair and changed the style to a more common Japanese 'bangs'
  • Lowered and darkened my eye brows
  • Widened my face overall so it is more round than oval

I sincerely wish all of you who read this know it's just for fun & curiosity, and there is absolutely no disrespect intended. I am very fond of the Japanese culture and it's people. A very beautiful, perfect people. ^3^

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