Friday, 16 September 2016

Feature Friday #7 - Venus Angelic's Channel!

Awww! Venus (as she goes by on YouTube and Instagram) may very well be the cutest human being like, ever!!

She has very many adorable and kawaii videos, mostly for Cosplay and also for collections, crafts, and treats! One of her latest and cutest is with her boyfriend, where they make a giant slime candy ^_^ Please enjoy...

I know they look 12, but they are around early 20s. They are very blessed to have such cute faces and smooth skin. #Jealous :P

If you are a fan of the Kawaii lifestyle already, then you are probably familiar with Venus Angelic. If not, please check out her:

YouTube Image result for kawaii youtube logo

Instagram Image result for kawaii instagram logo

Have a super kawaii weekend! ^3^

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