Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Chibi Challenge - September 7

Konnichiwa sweet friends!


I wanted today's #kawaii365 project to be something unique and different (well really, aren't they all?) Remember Monday (September 5)'s post? Well, I love to draw chibi-style people digitally, so I did one of myself too. Here are some fun stats about your friendly kawaii blogger...


Name: Daryl Januszewski (nee DeRoche). Last name =Yeah-New-Chef-Ski

Birthday/Age/Zodiac Sign: February 25, 1988 /age 28/ Pisces

Occupation: Artist, Blogger

Status: Married (to Rob)

Hair Color/Eye Color: Strawberry Auburn/Sea Green

Height/Weight: 5'4" / 108 lbs

Favorite Color: Red, Blue, Purple, Silver, Gold, Pastel Rainbows

Allergies: Pollen, Tobacco Smoke, Cats

Favorite Food: Dark Chocolate, Cheese!

Favorite Drink: Chocolate beverages, Coffee

Spirit Animal: Cat (neko). Meow (nyan).

Hobbies: playing keyboard, drawing, dancing, doing yoga, watching ALF or Frasier

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