Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Probably my Last Pokemon Go Review...

Currently it is August 17 (2016) and this whole Pokémon Go thing is already waning in popularity, compared to this time last month. Yes, that fast.

I have tried in vain to play it on my Samsung Galaxy tablet, but it keeps freezing past the avatar point so I gave up on it. I must admit though, I do feel jealous of those who can play it freely on their phones (my husband owns a smartphone but I don't). So here is the Pikachu of my emotions:

In other news regarding the popular app by Niantic Labs Inc., I have heard now there are color teams:

Red for Team Valor, Yellow for Team Instinct, and Blue for Team Mystic (probably the one I'd choose if I could). So tell us in the comments below, which team you would choose.

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