Thursday, 18 August 2016

Pick Your Kawaii Favorite(s)

Konnichiwa friend ●ᴥ●

Today we will discuss many of the popular characters, which are easily recognized in Japanese (now spilled happily into western society) pop culture. Not in any particular order.

  • Totoro - a magical forest creature from a 1988 film called 'My Neighbour Totoro'. A gentle giant who easily befriends children.
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  • Cinnamaroll - created by Sanrio, this white puppy (with big bunny-like ears) is drawn in soft pastel colors and has a most innocent face. His ears also allow him to fly.
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  • Hello Kitty - probably the most widely known of Sanrio's line of kawaii cartoon characters. Hello Kitty debuted on school supplies in Japan in the mid 1970s.
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  • Rilakkuma - this popular teddy bear debuted in Japan, first seen in a series of kid's books by company called San-X. Now you see his cute, simple face on nearly everything kawaii.
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  • Sugar Bunnies - also by Sanrio, they are actually both boys (even the pretty white one) and the bake together in a bakery, hence their name. One is Shirousa and the other is Kurousa.
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  • Little Twin Stars - though we don't hear as much about these cute siblings today, they were HUGE in the 1980s. Like, Garfield suction-cup huge, in popularity.
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  • Pusheen - widely popularized in the 'kawaii community', Pusheen is actually American-made but has many similar features to her counterparts above.
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  • My Melody - She is a bunny and a good friend of Hello Kitty (also a popular Sanrio cutie).
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  • Mo Lang Bunny - This bunny is actually Korean but he's so cute, he's definitely a huge part of modern Kawaii Culture! Though grumpy, his features are so cute it's hard to tell!
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  • Hamtaro - He started out as a book series but it wasn't long before he got his own TV series.
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  • Homekoro - an adorable Pomeranian puppy created by San-X. His name means 'praise'. He is always giving his friends compliments to lift their spirits ^_^
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  • Nyan Nyan Nyanko - a series of 3 kittens (also by San-X) who often pose in food and other inanimate objects. Their names literally mean "meow, meow, kitten".
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So there you have it. 12 Popular 'kawaii' culture icons (there are many more too!). Which one is your favorite? Answer in the comments!

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