Thursday, 25 August 2016

It's Time to Share This - August 25 Blog Post

Konbanwa (good evening) everyone! ^_^

How are you? I am well thanks.

Yesterday I promised you a Review Wednesday video but circumstances happened and I wasn't able to film it yet. So I did that today, and I got to review a sweet-tasting, strawberry-flavored lipbalm. It's by Sanrio directly, and of course it is in 'lipbalm egg' form and decorated as Hello Kitty.

So there's that. And now I would like to share with you, my adorable August 25, #kawaii365 project.

I happened to be cooking chicken & rice when I realized I've never made a super tiny kawaii face yet. I mean, I've drawn on small objects with a marker, but I saw the rice as a good canvas to try.

Image result for cute dividers

Image result for Mitch Hedburg rice meme On a side note, here is a quote about rice from one of my favorite standup comedians of all time, Mitch Hedburg. He passed away at a young age, but he was definitely a comedy great and had an amazing outlook on life. And on rice.

Thank you, arigatou, and have a nice night!

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