Tuesday, 23 August 2016

How To Be Inspired Everyday - August 23 Kawaii Project

Hello friends! How are you this fine evening?

The rain finally stopped in Red Deer - though I stayed in all day today anyway, for the first time in ages. I prefer to do this project outdoors and in public places for the most part, because it can lead to a wider audience.

But I didn't need to look very far for inspiration. I know some kawaii crafters make a whole cutie out of an eos lipbalm. And I happened to have one that's nearly empty. So here is my August 23, 2016 #Kawaii365 project (inspired by the Twitter bird):

Thank you again everyone, for reading, following, sharing and even supporting this blog on Patreon! All your support  means the world to me!

おやすみなさい (Good night, or "Oyasuminasai")

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