Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Harajuku 原宿 Girls

Harajuku (原宿 in Japanese Kanji) is both an 'outcast' style (similar to our Punk and Candy Kids), as well as a district in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.

The 原宿 style is colorful and often includes some elements of Anime or Manga cuteness, combined with punk. It's not uncommon to include wigs, wild hair accessories, sparkly or neon makeup, multi-colored finger nails or elaborate nail art, excessive colorful (and plastic) jewelry & baubles, colorful tights, and unusual shoes (often deliberately mismatched with the rest of the outfit). Some Harajuku girls wear Rilakkuma, Hello Kitty, and other cartoons along with the look.

In addition to wearable fashion, this name also includes youth-centric cafes, shops, and other companies that use 'cute' & 'colorful' to attract Japanese teens and millennials. (As well as tourists and J-Culture fans like me).

See this video for some fun fashion inspiration

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