Saturday, 6 August 2016

Cupcake Cutie - August 6th Post

Hello, sorry this is so late at night. I had spent a good deal of today thinking about what I want the next one to be. However I worked from morning to evening today (Saturday, I know) and then got picked up for dinner out with family. When we got in, I soaked my sore feet for awhile before beginning my August 6th project:

~Cupcake (✿ ♥‿♥) Cutie~

I know he's slightly creepy to look at, and that was not my intent, lol. It's just that I used some of my leftover modelling clay after using about 65% of it on these Ice Cream Cuties so all the lighter pastel colors were used up.

If you find it (or any of my clay creations n public) please do not eat them. I will be making some edible ones to hand out locally sometime.

In the mean time, please be sure to follow the hashtag #Kawaii365 on social media to help make sure this becomes a real thing. And please create some of your own with the hashtag as well, since I would love to see your cuteness shining through ^_^


And before I go for the night, I would like to share some of my embarrassment with you.

Today while I was at work (I was doing a cashier shift), 1 man out of the hundreds I helped, told me he liked my finger nail smiley faces and asked what it was. So I tried to boldly & confidently tell him about my Kawaii 365 project, and how I was inspired by an author who did the Skull-A-Day project. Instead I just rambled something about whatever, and he looked so sorry he asked, lol.

Then, because I wasn't embarrassed enough yet, I awkwardly pointed out, after explaining Noah Scalin's skull project, "Hey, you have a skull too." as I pointed at the skull on his black tee shirt. I don't know if I've ever had a more awkward small talk exchange with a customer. And I've been in retail since 2004.

Oyasuminasai (good night)

(ミ ̄ー ̄ミ)

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