Thursday, 11 August 2016

August 11 Wedding Kawaii

"Wedding Kawaii"? Huh? ⊂•⊃_⊂•⊃

It's because today, August 11, is the 5 year anniversary of our wedding in 2011 (✿ ♥‿♥)

In honor of the occasion, we are sharing some Advice for Young Marrieds or Engaged Couples:

  1. Don't floss or brush your teeth with the door open. Your spouse will see your plaque.
  2. In the same note, don't use the toilet with the door open either. That's private stuff.
  3. Remember why you two fell in love in the first place. Always remember that feeling, even during a fight. Make sure you put your love before winning a silly argument.
  4. Always work on your looks and never 'let yourself go'. I know it sounds shallow and your spouse loves you for who you are, but sexual attraction is and always will be important.
  5. Allow each other some space, at times. When I first started this blog, I felt like Rob was mad at me and thought I was trying to ignore him because I was on the computer. I am always loving Rob, every second of every day and sometimes I just need to sit in my home office and create.
  6. We all have bad days, but don't whine to or vent at your spouse all the time!
  7. Remember, they are your best friend with your best interests at heart. Don't start to treat them otherwise (no taking for granted, or resenting, etc.).
  8. Sometimes we must give in or compromise to make them happy and that's okay :)
  9. Sex is a beautiful, magical way to share intimacy, so don't treat it as a weapon against them.
  10. On that subject, even when you've been lovers for years, always try new, romantic things. Remember that it's never too late to introduce a new type of sheets, positions, massage techniques, lotions, or anything that can enhance the romance. (◕‿-)
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Andin honor of celebrating our love, as well as keeping with the #Kawaii365 project, I made this modelling clay version of Rob & myself. Enjoy!

Thank you for celebrating with us, and have a super adorable day!

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