Monday, 1 August 2016

August 1 Alien

Yay it's August! This is an exciting month since it's almost our 5 year wedding anniversary (on August 11th) and I find it's a month when good stuff happens. I love the weather in August - a breezy summer with minimal rain and no more pollen (I'm allergic). And my mum was born in August - she's a Virgo which is why I was raised to be so organized ^_^

So today's Kawaii cutie was composed of a foam ball, 2 pipe cleaners cut in half, 2 stickers, and a black marker. The trip to Dollar Tree was worth it!

~It's an aLiEn!~

Maybe he's come from planet Kawaii?

So please create your own cuties and share them on your social media with #Kawaii365. I'll find you and share your work on this blog ^3^

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