Friday, 29 July 2016

July 29th - Exciting News!!

Excuse me a moment, I still feel star-struck & light-headed.... seriously.

Okay, I've composed myself enough to share this exciting news: You know the author of the book "Unstuck" I've been telling you all about? Well, I did one of the projects in the book that gave me & my husband Rob a laugh. So I thought "what the heck?" and shared it with the author. I understand he's famous, and quite busy so I wasn't expecting to hear back. Then he did respond and it was awesome! All I could think was "Oh my goodness, a celebrity is talking to me".

So to my absolute ~*delight*~ Noah Scalin featured my blog on his Make Something 365 blog, at (he featured my #Kawaii365 project here:
When Rob & I looked it up, I felt quite faint. This is the first time I've been featured since starting this on July 10th of this year, and I love that the author - and other contributing artists like the 2 ladies who run the Lost Cats Project mentioned last post - have seen how much they've inspired me ^_^

And while I was checking that out, I also discovered lots of super cool daily projects to  check out and if you're checking the above link, then I encourage you to do the same and show them some love ^3^


Okay so now I'm ready to share the July 29 daily Kawaii project. After work today (I was off at 2pm), my husband picked me up and we went to Burger Boy for a late lunch. The food was, as usual, delicious! I love their thick, flat fries. As I sucked back on the chocolate milkshake and looked around the red & yellow restaurant, with it's vintage posters, rooster art, and retro video games, I thought about what inspired me. Then I glanced at our tray and realized it had a perfect liner, which made a nice pop-up stand for my Kawaii Hamster. Say hello to my friend 'Hamni':
Part of me was hesitant to leave this cutie behind. I wanted to keep him.

So after we were done eating, I left the drawing, with some of my cards tucked inside, on the table either for an employee or a patron to find. And if you live in Red Deer as you read this - you know the drill. Share the kawaii's you find, with hashtag #Kawaii365. I would totes do the same for you >_*  ^3^

Thank you so much everyone! As it stands, our blog has had 1,134 page views! This really means a lot and I feel giddy when I think about you, the readers and I just really want to make you happy! xoxoxox Daryl

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