Tuesday, 26 July 2016

July 26th - Poster Time!

Yaaaayyyy! I haven't had this much fun making a poster since I was about 10 years old and the teacher initiated art class. Crafting and creating is one of those fun things that grownups decide they're (okay, we're) too old for at a certain point. Like playing on swing sets, blowing bubbles, drawing with crayons or chalk, chewing bubblegum, coloring pictures, watching vintage 'Saturday morning' cartoons, flying a kite, doing cartwheels, reading comicsbuilding forts, and... well you get the picture. Yes, we may have more responsibility now with mortgages, jobs, housework, spouses, kids, cars, and things that require money or time. But that doesn't mean we have to live a boring life. Far from it!

I recommend that you, right now - or as soon as you're able - pick one of the things from the list above and go do it. Then comment below on how it made you feel.

So I made this poster out of: sparkly chalk, a glued-on pipe cleaner, and various stickers, all from my trip to Dollar Tree the other day.

I was going to leave it at the playground about 1 block away from here, but then realize since it's often populated by people who perceive stuff like this as litter - I realized this poster would either get thrown out by an adult or destroyed by a child. So instead, I tucked it by the fence near the school's parking lot. Rob & I live right next to an elementary school.

So let me know what you think of today's project and it you're inspired to create your own Kawaii faces, I would love to see them! When you snap a photo of your creation, share it on your social media with the tag #Kawaii365 and encourage others to do the same. It would be so cool if you created something and then saw that your creation became famous! I encourage you to try.

Bonus photo: To get into this vibe, I've started living a little more 'Japanese' and this is night 2 of me eating with chopsticks. While wearing a Hello Kitty tee.

Sayonara! Have a kawaii evening xoxo (^3^)

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